All our UPVC fascia boards are manufactured by us. That means that all the colours offered across our entire roofing accessories range match perfectly. And we have 8 different colours and finishes to choose from. All our whites are the same, all our woodgrain finishes match perfectly.


There are lots of options to help you create the right look for your home. Our UPVC soffit boards come in eight different widths, eight different colours and two styles: standard plain and a decorative ‘ogee’.UPVC Soffit Boards benefits:

  • Three soffit choices - Choose from standard vented, lightweight hollow soffit boards or flat boards.
  • Styles to suit - Available in either standard plain or a more decorative ‘ogee’ style.
  • Long-lasting protection - A robust board offering long-term weather proofing for your roof.


We offer four different types of UPVC water and waste drainage systems for your home or business . All are available in different colour options and styles, with coordinating accessories for a complete look.

We also offer agalvanised steel gutter for all homes or commercial buildings for something a little bit different to your conventional upvc guttering.The zinc coating composition used for Magestic is strengthened with 3% magnesium and 3.5% aluminium. Hot dipped zinc galvanised coatings have a porous structure, magnesium creates a compact structure with high corrosion inhibition and creates a stable barrier against corrosion factors.
Ages BeautifullyUnpainted metal gutters naturally weather organically adjusting to the installation environment. Magestic settles to an attractive dark grey metallic appearance within 3-5 years after installation.

Upvc Cladding

UPVC cladding can enhance and refresh the appearance of your home. It provides an attractive, low-maintenance and weather-resistant solution for replacing rotten timber cladding, concealing problem areas of brickwork or adding an interesting new feature to your property. The range of colours and realistic woodgrain finishes available
means you can create a truly unique appearance, whether you want a rustic timber-effect or a crisp contemporary white finish.

Coast-line cladding

This new range of composite cladding is available in six through colours and you can also offer to upgrade your home in a range of complementary colours. Coastline cladding has also been rigorously tested for hundreds of hours. This includes fire performance testing in the UK to achieve BS EN 13501 by Exova Warringtonfire who are an independent leading authority in fire testing, Making sure this is safe for all types of buildings and homes.

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